Skill Level

Click on the link below and download a PowerPoint presentation to help you complete outcome 1.3 of the FIP.

1.3 Physical

Approaches to Develop Performance:

Physical Factors: Drills

For the second approach to developing physical factors, we will use drills as an example, specifically our 3-2-1 Drill.


This is a fun competitive drill. Have players partner-up and use all of your baskets. Each player will shoot nine sets of shots (see diagram). Each set consists of a 3-pointer, a shot-fake with jump shot, and a lay-up. We start in one corner and rotate around each of the nine spots (seen in black in the diagram). The partner rebounds and passes back to the shooter. We rotate shooters after each set of “3-2-1”, so the shooter becomes the rebounder and vice-versa. The two players compete against each other and keep track of their individual scores. Each made 3-pointer = 3 points, a jump shot = 2 points, and a lay-up = 1 point. The loser does push-ups.


Extension Task

Every shot you miss you have to run to the half way line and back!!!


Other ways to develop your skill level through basketball…

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