Concentration allows a performer to remain focused on the task and overcome any external distractions.


When playing man to man marking in basketball you must be fully focused on the player you are marking and avoid the distractions of the other players movements. This requires good concentration.

In order to improve concentration a performer can use mental rehearsal techniques. They can also set themselves a short term goal within a game in order to remain focused.


Concentration in Badminton 

A lack of concentration results in some of the following

  • Not watching where your opponent is or the space to hit the shuttle (effectiveness reduced)
  • Not watching the flight of the shuttle (preparation of technique affected)
  • Executing a specific technique incorrectly (efficiency reduced)
  • Making the wrong decision (adaptiveness reduced)

Process goals and Trigger words can improve concentration and performance:

Poor technique (process) is leads to ineffective performance. Therefore to improve performance, you need to develop the process of how the skill is applied (improve the technique).

To do this, you must set process goals to develop inefficient technique (identified in an observation checklist). Trigger words help to achieve these process goals.

For example,

Inefficient technique                  Bent arm in Overhead Clear

Process Goal                            Extended arm on contact

Trigger Word                           ‘Reach’


Importance of Concentration at each Stage of Learning


Preparation                               For watching model performer closely

For replicating model technique in shadow practice

For processing poor technique in isolated drills


Practice                                    For improving accuracy in target drills using trigger words


Automatic                                 Playing shuttle into space in conditioned games

For concentrating on correct shot selection in decision making drills

For focussing on keeping overhead shot technique similar and therefore using disguise on impact.

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