Level of Arousal

Level of arousal can be described as how alert or laidback /relaxed or stressed a sports person is when performing.

Level Arousal

If a performer is too laidback their lack of arousal and limited motivation will lead to a poor performance.

If a performer is over anxious and tense their stress levels will be too high and this will also lead to a poor performance.

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In order to perform at their best every performer must perform at their own optimal level of arousal.

Different sports and sportspeople require different arousal levels. Shot putters require a higher level of arousal in order to throw the shot further whereas archers require a lower level of arousal to have greater control of the bow.
Level of arousal is like a glass of water. If there is too little water in the glass it is not full enough to quench your thirst. If there is too much water the glass will over flow and makes a mess.
If you are too anxious and need to lower your level of arousal you can use relaxation and breathing techniques. Positive self talk and visualisation are methods you can use to raise your level of arousal.

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