Responsibility and Etiquette


It is important for any athlete to act responsibly in order to do well in their sport. They must respect rules and regulations and
always be honest in order to compete fairly.

Sportsman are often well paid and watched by hundreds if not thousands of people. Groups who are particularly vulnerable or impressionable such as children will regularly try to imitate behavior they see in the sports arena. Many children see sports people as role models, so players must understand that they have to conduct themselves in an appropriate way or it can have negative effects on society. Increasingly, governing bodies are taking action against players who show irresponsible behavior and footballers such a Luis Suarez have received lengthy bans as punishment for unacceptable and antisocial conduct.

Sportsmanship and Etiquette

Sportsmanship and etiquette are often said to be unwritten rules. In football, kicking the ball out for a throw in or in Badminton, returning the sh to your opponent when you hit it in the net are considered to be etiquette. There is no formal rule that says you must do this but it is generally expected and it is thought to be bad sportsmanship if you don’t.

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