Match Analysis Sheet

·     Movement analysis sheet marking all shots and their effectiveness in a full performance situation.

·     Provides statistics of how each shot is played in percentages.

·     Experienced performer/teacher watches game to ensure data is reliable.

·     Tallies are marked in 3 categories – very effective, fairly effective and ineffective.

·     Totals are calculated with strengths and weaknesses being identified from the data.

This is an example of initial data collection.

Badminton Match Analysis Sheet (3 games)
Serve Overhead Clear Drop Shot Smash Net Play Total %


Very Effective



Fairly Effective










% Very Effective
% Fairly Effective
% Ineffective

This match analysis sheet was completed when watching a video of 3 full court games against different opponents, all of a similar ability.

The criteria for each skill was as follows –

‘Effective’ resulted where point/rally was won or opponent was put under pressure meaning the next shot was able to be executed easily.

‘Fairly Effective’ resulted in the rally being continued and opponent was able to return the shot.

‘Ineffective’ resulted in a direct loss of point/rally or opponent was able to play a winning shot.

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