Overhead Clear

Overhead Clear Observation Schedule (PAR analysis)


Using both the video and an initial match analysis sheet I have been able to identify the overhead clear as my main weakness.

I will compare my performance against a model performance using the focussed observation schedule below. From this, I should be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses in my technique.


If I am successful at carrying out that part of the action, a tick will be placed opposite the criteria, if not a cross will be recorded.


Number of shots – _________________


Preparation phase

Starts from base.
Performer tracks path of shuttle and begins moving towards place shuttle will be played from.
While moving, body turns side-on to net.
Racquet is taken up and back behind head.
Weight shifts mostly onto back foot.
Back shoulder drops.
Front arm balances racquet arm (both arms are raised).


Action Phase

Shoulder, arm and racquet are brought forward at speed to help generate power.
Action resembles throwing action.
Weight is transferred forward front back foot to front foot to coincide with moment of impact.
Impact is with open racquet face above racquet shoulder.
Performer strikes ‘through’ shuttle and body weight continues to move forward (a smooth continuous action leads naturally into recovery).


Recovery Phase

Racquet comes down and across body in recovery phase.
Forward movement at end of stroke leads to ‘base’ and recovery of ‘ready’ position.



My main strength is ________________________________________________________________


My main weakness is in the ________________________________________ phase and the criteria


which needs to be improved is _______________________________________________________



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