Team Talks

Team talks can be very effective at focusing the mind on the task ahead.  Anyone can give a team talk but they are usually given by senior players or members of the coaching team.  Content varies from tactics, to reflecting on previous events or any topic that will motivate players to get them ‘up for’ the game.  However it is not an exact science – different things will motivate different players and what works one time, may not work as well another time.

In this example the coach’s words clearly had a positive impact on his players.  However, some people feel that motivational team talks don’t have a place in modern, professional times.  Graham Henry [World Cup winning All Black rugby coach] stopped giving team talks after team captain, Tana Umaga told him nobody listened to them!!

Here is another example of a less effective team talk.  What are some of the mistakes that the coach makes when giving this half time speech?

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