Whole Part Whole

This is a useful method of practice to use if you already have some experience of the activity.  It involves performing the WHOLE skill in an activity, identifying a problem within the skill or technique, practising just that PART of the skill and then returning to the full activity to use the WHOLE skill again.

Skills  or techniques which allow PARTS of the performance to be separated easily from the WHOLE performance work best, for example when practicing a tennis serve, you may execute an overhead serve and identify your ball toss as being a weakness.  You would then practice making an accurate toss and when ready return performing the full serve again.

Method of Practice: Whole Part Whole
Used with: Any performer with previous experience of activity



  • Performing the whole skill lets the performer see exactly what part of the technique they  are struggling with.
  • By re-visiting the skill after a period of practice, any improvements can be clearly identified.
  •  Cognitive learners may not be able to perform the full skill.  This can be de-motivating or it can simply make the activity unsafe!

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