Progressive overload occurs when we exercise at increasingly higher levels – we progressively demand more from our bodies

We do this by gradually increasing:
Frequency– refers to the regularity, and routine of your training sessions. 

•Frequency – you must train 3-4 times a week for a minimum of 8 weeks to see an improvement in CRE
Intensity – refers to the relative demands of your training sessions. 

•Intensity – you must train within your training zone.  This is determined by your heart rate for aerobictraining.  This must be accurate as if you work outside you training zone you will be working on other aspects of fitness.
Duration – refers to the length of planned time spent training. 

•Duration – Min of 20-30 mins for CRE
These principles must be Progressively Increased over the 8 weeks to ensure there are enough demands on the body for improvements to be seen
It is important to ensure you are working with your approriate training zones when trying to improve your fitness.  Below is an example of your Heart rate zones.
How to work out your anaerobic zone for cardio respiratory work outs
 220-14=206 max heart rate
Find 60% and 80% of max HR to find anaerobic training zone
  Watch the video below and answer the questions in detail.



1- Describe in detail how you would overload your training programme.


2- Work out your anaerobic heart rate zone?


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