training is specific to your needs; it has to be relevant to the activity  and your levels of fitness and ability.

For effective performance you require a wide repertoire of technical, physical and mental skills
Although all players require a combination of…
cardio respiratory endurance, speed endurance, muscular endurance, power, speed, strength and flexibility…
the specific fitness requirements of each player will vary dependent on their position and role.

Whatch the video below then answer each question in detail.





1- What Specific fitness demands might Drogba need?


 2- What Specific fitness demands might Ronaldo need?

3- Choose an activity

    Choose an aspect of fitness you want to improve on.

    Describe a training session that is SPECIFIC to your needs.  (For example – football

    cardio respiratory endurance – warm up (explain) 20 minute continuous run (explain), conditioned game (explain) as a centre midfielder it is important for me to …

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