Cognitive (Planning/Preparation)


The Cognitive Stage

This stage involves the performer gaining an understanding and creating a mental picture of the required action to form a series of subroutines [parts of technique] into the correct sequence to perform a movement. It is the initial stage of learning for novice performers that direction is provided by the coach/teacher in the form of demonstrations, video, pictures or verbal instruction. Performers must consciously focus on how they are performing different subroutines e.g placement of hands on box top, keeping arms straight etc. Errors are likely to be common, therefore the performer receives external feedback from the coach, directing them towards specific cues as they have yet to develop a full understanding of the movement’s requirements. Simple practices will normally be used when the learning is at this stage. Often the method of gradual build up will be used. The length of this phase of learning is generally short as performers quickly retain actions

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