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Pupils taking the new National PE qualifications are given a little more freedom to make decisions within courses – something that compliments their Curriculum for Excellence experience.

Pupils can choose which activities they want to study and are allowed to provide video evidence for assessment of sports/activities that they compete in out of school. This way, pupils will be able to achieve the award that their abilities deserve.


The National 5 PE course allows pupils to study the subject of physical education and achieve an accredited award. The course aims to:


  • Develop and demonstrate understanding of principles/factors underpinning and impacting performance.
  • Explain factors which impact positively and negatively on engagement and performance in physical activities.
  • Build capacity to enhance effective performance.
  • Examine and analyse performance to inform and influence personal improvement.



The course consists of three units:


  1. Performance Skills.
  2. Factors Impacting on Performance.
  3. Course Assessment.



Unit 1 – Performance Skills. Through this unit pupils will work towards demonstrating a comprehensive range of movements and performance skills in physical activities.



Unit 2 – Factors Impacting on Performance. Through this unit pupils will be expected to:


  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of factors that impact on personal performance in physical activities.
  • Develop personal performance in physical activities.
  • Evaluate the performance development process.



Unit 3 – Course Assessment. The National 5 PE course assessment is split up into two elements.


  • The first element is a one off practical performance which is internally assessed. Up to 60 marks can be awarded.
  • The second element is a portfolio piece of work which is externally assessed. Up to 40 marks can be awarded.

Pupils will also be expected to develop their ICT skills as part of the PE courses. As technology advances at an ever increasing rate, pupils have to become competent in using ICT and each pupil will be expected to create and maintain a blog/website that will store their assessment information.

If you are looking for information or resources – visit our National 4/5 Information site.

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